My Life

My life continues to be a personal transformational expansion. I wrote this from a place of wisdom, which comes from my experiences and trainings that I developed over the last 20 years. I would like to share my journey of an awakened healer with you.


Growing up I was gifted many opportunities and possibilities to explore and expand into who I truly am. As a child I had a deep connection with all beings, including many aspects of Mother Nature. I experienced love, joy, abundance, acceptance and gratitude for all life around me. At the same time, I experienced my opposites: self-judgement, disappointment, unworthiness, fear, anger and sadness. As we journey through our experiences, it is easy to lose who we truly are and gravitate to what we think we are supposed to be instead of who we are meant to be. Some of us try to keep it all together, while others hit bottom.

Jacqueline Cone

Since childhood, I have had a strong connection to God (the Divine, the Universe, Mother Nature). Sitting in an open pasture against a lone tree kept me grounded and connected to the earth for many hours, for many years. Staring into a sky filled with ever-changing cloud formations is where I felt the most connected to myself and the universe. I asked many questions and received much guidance to carry me through. As time unfolded and things worsened, I knew I needed more support, and I was guided to an herbalist who helped save my life. He knew how to support my system with herbal remedies and then directed me to a kind and gentle soul who is an amazing Energy Healer. Without both of their support, I would not be here today.


For me, I was in my early 30s when my head and heart felt torn and separated. I experienced what others would call a “nervous breakdown.” In the healing world, a “nervous breakdown” represents a spiritual awakening; it’s a time for painful blockages, destructive conditions, overwhelming thoughts, and perceptions of a false self to surface and be released. Society often believes that people experiencing a nervous breakdown need to be in an institution and heavily medicated to heal and deal with life. I was not willing to believe that. As I mentally suppressed how I felt, my body became imbalanced. This physically manifested as anxiety, panic attacks, anorexia, as well as a weakened liver and kidney function where Chi, life energy, resides. I deeply believed if I gave into the societal belief system, it would have been the death of me in the long run.

Jacqueline Cone

I have worked with many different modalities and have participated in healing workshops, classes, events and private sessions. For years now I have been fully committed to my own self-healing practice, which has led me to many guides, teachers and mentors. I have been learning to bring layers of unconscious into consciousness, and master the releases for transformational healing to take place and bring the mind, body and soul back into balance.


As a Reiki Master and Spiritual Counselor, I offer you many years of experience. I work at a higher vibration and gracefully channel Divine light as I support you into awakening your own true evolution in all its forms. I offer support energetically, spiritually and emotionally, and I guide and teach you how to support yourself through example, love and the support of Energy Medicine. This is the true gift of my healing practice.

Education, Trainings and Certifications

Jacqueline Cone

Spiritual Counselor
Reiki Master/Teacher
Energy Healer


Studies include Reiki for humans and animals, herbal medicine, holistic healing, alternative medicine, shamanic healing and permaculture design.


Modalities used may include Reiki, acupressure, vibrational music, amethyst far infrared mat, and flower essences and tinctures.


Notable teachers and mentors include

  • Ron D’Amico :: Transformational Catalyst, Spiritual Guide, Energy Healer
  • Stewart Pierce :: Sound Healer, Master of Voice, Angel Medium
  • Anna Twinney :: Reiki Master, Animal Communicator, Energy Healer
  • David Crow :: Floracopeia Founder, Master Herbalist
  • William Siff :: Acupuncturist, Clinical Herbalist, Health Educator


Published and edited: Inner Tapestry: A Holistic Journal Celebrating and Supporting Life - for four years [bi-monthly publication].

“It is important to expect nothing, to take every experience, including the negative ones, as merely steps on the path, and to proceed.”

Ram Dass